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Inspiration: Kids room #1

beautiful kids room collection sebra village

We just started planning the next big step in our house renovation: the attic. There will be two children’s rooms (for the moment one kids room and one guestroom), a second bathroom and a laundry room. And not to forget a lot of storage space! For we do not have a basement to store our christmas decoration, skis and other big items.
So right now I am collecting inspiring ideas for our daughter’s future room. What a choice! There are so many gorgeous decoration items and furniture for little children, it’s going to be very hard to make a final selection. Luckily there is plenty of time left…

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DIY: Paper flowers

spring decoration in winter

January – the Christmas decoration has left and my apartment feels empty and cold. It is not spring season yet, but winter decoration already seems displaced. What to do? I would love to put a bunch of flowers, though in the end my cats would be more pleased than I (for they love to chew on them). Anyway, there is not much choice in fresh flowers yet.

Inspired by one of my interior design magazines, I searched the web for instructions and started folding my own paper flowers…

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Inspiration: Cosy restrooms

For the renovation of our restroom (see article Restroom library) I was collecting a bunch of inspiring reference projects. The aim was to find ingredients that can provide a certain cosiness to such a small, functional space. In short: what makes a bathroom / washroom an inviting and comfortable space?

Here are the possible components I found to create a cosy restroom…

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