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DIY: Masking tape wall decor #1


Do you sometimes wish for an instant and stunning makeover for your interior? Simple, affordable and easy to apply? Then here comes the perfect solution: a masking tape wall decor! Well applied it will definitely change the complete look of your room.

As mentioned in my post Geometrical kitchen decor, to me it seems like the perfect (temporary) wall decoration: easy technique, personalized colours and even suitable for rental apartments. Most difficult part: making a decision about the pattern or object (as there are almost endless possibilities)…

To give you a hand, I have tried to summarize the options in a structured overview:

  1. A wallpaper pattern
  2. An eye-catching element
  3. Masking tape frames / headboards

Each topic will be addressed in a single post – as I don’t want to withhold any of the inspiring examples from you. Starting with…

#1 – A wall(paper) pattern

This wall-filling decoration can consist of

  • a repetitive element spread (more or less) equally over the wall





  • a continuous pattern






  • or a unique pattern (applied best with the help of a beamer).




P.S. Not all of the examples above show an end result with masking tape. In some of the cases the tape was used to create the pattern, painted on top of it and then removed – also possible for a more permanent solution.

Wanna read more about it? DIY: Masking tape wall decor #2 and #3 will follow soon!

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