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DIY: Playpen cover


I guess I am not the only one with a baby and two cats. Don’t your pets sometimes drive you crazy? Especially when they occupy spaces that are supposed to stay hair-free for the little one, like his playpen or his bouncy seat. They know they are not supposed to go there which makes these places even more attractive.

Last Friday morning I had enough from cleaning the playpen once again and decided to prepare a more permanent solution to keep it cat hair-free. I took the sewing machine plus the simplest fabric I could find and started making my own playpen cover.

  1. I cut out one big piece, exactly the size of the playpen (95 x 80 cm).
  2. From the rest of the fabric I cut out ten stripes (80 x 3 cm),  diy-playpen-protection-cover-sewing
  3. seamed all pieces including the big one anddiy-playpen-protection-cover-sewing
  4. stitched the stripes all around on the big piece (3 stripes on two opposite sides, 2 stripes on the other sides) so they would fit in the grid of the playpen. diy-playpen-protection-cover-sewing

And voilá, this is the result:




The cats immediately used the cover as a hammock – which is fine with me, as long as they leave their hair on the outside of the cover 🙂

Styling & Photography: Kat@home

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