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Before-After: Our library


My fiancé and I both love to read – and to collect books. Lots of books instantly make us feel at home. That is why we wanted to give our rising amount of books a worthy place in the new house: A library right between the living space and our dining area.

To choose the right location was done in a seconde. But finding the right bookshelves was another story… We were looking for something special, an eye-catching and wall-covering element, unique yet still affordable. Especially the latter was almost impossible to find. After two years of hiding our precious books in boxes, we decided to make the library a do-it-ourself project…

We had found some affordable wooden boxes in a furniture store, made our own layout using the available sizes and placed a huge order (24 boxes!). We painted the boxes with a natural stain so they would match the color of our other wooden elements and then glued and screwed them together according to our layout.

And this is what our new library looks like now (and before the renovation):





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Styling & Photography: Kat@home

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