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Inspiration: Black-and-white bathrooms


As I mentioned yesterday in my bathroom decoration, this rooms still needs to be renovated. Actually the basic interior is not too bad: Black-and-white floor tiles, white tiles on the wall and white furniture. Yet the detailing is a disaster and despite the timeless base, the room lacks any ambiance.

Since we moved in three years ago, I have been doubting whether we should just do a cosmetic re-decoration or complete renovation of the whole bathroom. We still have time to decide (as the attic will be renovated first), but I’ve already collected a bunch of inspiring references for ‘scenario A’ – the small make-over. Here they are – including some tips for a stylish black-and-white bathroom…

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Interior: Bathroom decoration

bathroom decoration flower candle light black and white

What is your biggest luxury at home? Mine definitely is having a cleaning lady. Oh how I love this woman – and her husband, cause they come and clean together. Afterwards I always wander through the entire house to enjoy the fresh smell and clean appearance. But every time again, the make-over of the bathroom is the biggest transformation of all.

Although it is not my favourite room in the house (it still needs to get renovated) a clean bathroom motives me to start decorating. And that is what I did today…

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