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Before-After: Our library


My fiancé and I both love to read – and to collect books. Lots of books instantly make us feel at home. That is why we wanted to give our rising amount of books a worthy place in the new house: A library right between the living space and our dining area.

To choose the right location was done in a seconde. But finding the right bookshelves was another story… We were looking for something special, an eye-catching and wall-covering element, unique yet still affordable. Especially the latter was almost impossible to find. After two years of hiding our precious books in boxes, we decided to make the library a do-it-ourself project…

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Before-After: Our kitchen


We had always dreamed of an open kitchen and space enough for a long dining table to host all members of our dining club… Finally, due to our kitchen renovation, we could make this dream come true.

Our new table is 3,5 meters long and serves as home office and dining table in one.
It is made of an old cast-iron drawing table and four wooden planks (oak) that match perfectly with our kitchen worktop. The chairs around the table are (as you will definitly have noticed) two Eames DAW, combined with other second-hand wooden ones which we are planning to paint all white (if we will ever find time for this extra project).

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Before-After: Our living room


Before we will start with phase two of our home renovation, I thought it’s time to go through the huge amount of photos from phase one – our living area. Personally I love these posts with before-and-after shots, so I decided to create some of these myself. Hope you like it!

When we bought our apartment, everything was in a run down state. It had been a rented flat in the social housing sector for more than 70 years and became privately-owned in the year 2000. The former owners had chosen not to renovate all levels, but to hide away the remains of the past behind wallpapers, extra layers of tiles and other additional constructions – or sometimes even kept it in sight.

For us, without discussion, only a complete renovation was acceptable, but we hoped to be able to keep as many original details as possible. Unfortunately, the ceiling of our living area turned out to be too heavy for the original substructure made of straw. So we took this as a chance to replace the complete power supply as well,
re-plastered all walls and the new ceiling, inlaid a new wooden floor,…

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