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Instagram: March 2015

Flowery March… I did not know I had such a passion for flowers, before I collected my Instagram pictures from last month. Maybe it’s because last winter was extremely grey and rainy. I was longing so much for some sunny, colorful spring decoration…

  1. Sammy enjoying the first spring sun –
  2. Shadow and light tryout –
  3. Sunday breakfast –
  4. White gerbera on our kitchen table –
  5. My favorite colors: White, petrol and wood –
  6. First bread-baking experience –
  7. White tulips –
  8. Spring decoration –
  9. Down at the zoo.

Styling & Photography: Kat@home

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DIY: Masking tape wall decor #3


Today I wanna share with you the last post of my masking tape wall decor series. Previously I wrote about using tape to create your own wallpaper pattern and to apply an eye-catching element on your wall. In this third post I would like to show you some “low-key” ideas – how masking tape can either support or even highlight another decorative element in your room.

#3 – Masking tape frames / headboards

To be honest, until recently I thought masking tape was only used to hang your pictures and posters on the wall. How wrong was I! But already in its basic function, tape can help supporting the decorative idea.
But be careful not to create a colorful overkill. Either choose for black-and-white, subtle nuances or colors that match the content of your pictures or the style of the room. Some examples:

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DIY: Masking tape wall decor #2


Do you still wish for an instant and stunning makeover for your interior? Simple, affordable and easy to apply? And did my first post about masking tape wallpaper pattern either not completely convince you or, quite the contrary, arouse your curiosity?
Then here comes part two of this do-it-yourself series, consisting of the following topics:

  1. A wallpaper pattern
  2. An eye-catching element
  3. Masking tape frames / headboards

 #2 – An eye-catching element

Verder lezen DIY: Masking tape wall decor #2

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DIY: Masking tape wall decor #1


Do you sometimes wish for an instant and stunning makeover for your interior? Simple, affordable and easy to apply? Then here comes the perfect solution: a masking tape wall decor! Well applied it will definitely change the complete look of your room.

As mentioned in my post Geometrical kitchen decor, to me it seems like the perfect (temporary) wall decoration: easy technique, personalized colours and even suitable for rental apartments. Most difficult part: making a decision about the pattern or object (as there are almost endless possibilities)…

To give you a hand, I have tried to summarize the options in a structured overview:

  1. A wallpaper pattern
  2. An eye-catching element
  3. Masking tape frames / headboards

Each topic will be addressed in a single post – as I don’t want to withhold any of the inspiring examples from you. Starting with…

#1 – A wall(paper) pattern

Verder lezen DIY: Masking tape wall decor #1

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Daytrip: Swan Market Rotterdam


Yesterday I finally managed to visit the Swan Market in Van Nelle Fabriek, Rotterdam. I had planned to go there for a long time (the market is organized on a regular base nowadays), but the need for a babysitter had kept me from doing so. Too bad, cause it it really worth strolling along the market stands!

I was overwhelmed by the amount of inspiring interior design products, decoration ideas and stylish vintage design. All of the entrepreneurs seemed extremely enthusiastic and optimistic which confirmed my resolution to start an own business myself. But let’s not hurry ahead and start with some impressions of my daytrip to Swan Market Rotterdam…

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Instagram: February 2015


For me, February was quite an active month on Instagram. I tried to post at least one image per day and I almost made it. Here comes a small collection of the most liked ones – interior design ideas for the time when Christmas decoration has left…

Styling & Photography: Kat@home

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Interior: Geometrical kitchen decor


Today I said goodbye to my winter decoration. I really liked my masking tape snow crystals on the wall, but at the end of February I really wish for spring to come. To fill up the empty spots, I have been searching Pinterest for inspiration. As I had to promise my fiancée not to put any holes in the recently replastered walls, a new masking tape decoration seemed to be the best solution.

And there are so many inspiring examples – I had no idea that tape could be used in so many different ways! So today I started my redecoration with a very simple, geometrical and minimalist design for our kitchen wall. But this will definitely not be the last post about masking tape…

Verder lezen Interior: Geometrical kitchen decor

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Interior: Around the fireplace

decoration of living room with pictures, record player and flower vases

It’s a rainy Friday, my daughter just fell asleep and I finally get some time to finish this post which has been in concept mode for a while. I wanted to share these fotos of our living room with you to give some inspiration for decoration around the fireplace. Here in the Netherlands most of the older houses still have this cozy feature (we even have four of them spread over the house!). Most of the times they are not usable for their original function any more, but still serve as the perfect location for decorative elements.

In our case we decided to frame the fireplace with a black-and-white foto gallery. Initially only filled with historical pictures of our hometown, we are now thinking about a greater variety. We will probably keep the black-and-white base, but add some graphical prints. But first the original state…

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Interior: Bathroom decoration

bathroom decoration flower candle light black and white

What is your biggest luxury at home? Mine definitely is having a cleaning lady. Oh how I love this woman – and her husband, cause they come and clean together. Afterwards I always wander through the entire house to enjoy the fresh smell and clean appearance. But every time again, the make-over of the bathroom is the biggest transformation of all.

Although it is not my favourite room in the house (it still needs to get renovated) a clean bathroom motives me to start decorating. And that is what I did today…

Verder lezen Interior: Bathroom decoration

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Instagram: Valentine’s Day 2015

valentine day 2015 candles heart love champagne breakfast tulips

Normally I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day – too commercial and focused on getting people spend a lot of money for their loved ones. But what I like about that date is the season (tulips are definitely available in February) and that it gives me one more reason to re-decorate the house…

Luckily this year Valentine’s Day was a Saturday, so our celebration included an extensive champagne breakfast with self-made muffins, fresh juice and strawberries, mmmh! And for the rest nothing expensive: A lot of time for each other, candles everywhere in the house and, of course, a big bunch of white tulips – my favourite ones 🙂

Styling & Photography: Kat@home