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Inspiration: Black-and-white kitchen


Black-and-white interiors with Scandinavian style are still hot and trendy.
Personally, I am a big fan as well, although I never manage to keep my own apartment that “clean”. But when I look up references, black-and-white kitchen interiors instinctively catch my attention.

But why?  – I will try to answer that question by having a look at some gorgeous examples…

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Inspiration: Painted stair runner


Before our little baby-girl was born, there were two things I wanted to be finished. Of course, number one was the baby’s room itself. But the second item was our staircase, leading from the front door to our living area, which urgently needed a makeover.
Although the stairs themselves were relatively new, they were never painted with a finishing layer which made them quite slippery. I already saw myself falling down the stairs with the baby in my arms… (Pregnancy probably made me I bit over-reacting as well :). So we decided to do something about it.

Our first idea was to get a carpet runner – which was far more expensive then we had ever expected. The second choice were these pre-fabricated wooden stairs you can buy in every do-it-yourself store and easily mount on top of the existing stairs. But for a staircase of about 30 steps even this would have blown our budget.
A bit disenchanted I searched the web for a cheaper alternative – an found the solution: a painted stair runner!

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Daytrip: Swan Market Rotterdam


Yesterday I finally managed to visit the Swan Market in Van Nelle Fabriek, Rotterdam. I had planned to go there for a long time (the market is organized on a regular base nowadays), but the need for a babysitter had kept me from doing so. Too bad, cause it it really worth strolling along the market stands!

I was overwhelmed by the amount of inspiring interior design products, decoration ideas and stylish vintage design. All of the entrepreneurs seemed extremely enthusiastic and optimistic which confirmed my resolution to start an own business myself. But let’s not hurry ahead and start with some impressions of my daytrip to Swan Market Rotterdam…

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Inspiration: Black-and-white bathrooms


As I mentioned yesterday in my bathroom decoration, this rooms still needs to be renovated. Actually the basic interior is not too bad: Black-and-white floor tiles, white tiles on the wall and white furniture. Yet the detailing is a disaster and despite the timeless base, the room lacks any ambiance.

Since we moved in three years ago, I have been doubting whether we should just do a cosmetic re-decoration or complete renovation of the whole bathroom. We still have time to decide (as the attic will be renovated first), but I’ve already collected a bunch of inspiring references for ‘scenario A’ – the small make-over. Here they are – including some tips for a stylish black-and-white bathroom…

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Inspiration: Kids room #1

beautiful kids room collection sebra village

We just started planning the next big step in our house renovation: the attic. There will be two children’s rooms (for the moment one kids room and one guestroom), a second bathroom and a laundry room. And not to forget a lot of storage space! For we do not have a basement to store our christmas decoration, skis and other big items.
So right now I am collecting inspiring ideas for our daughter’s future room. What a choice! There are so many gorgeous decoration items and furniture for little children, it’s going to be very hard to make a final selection. Luckily there is plenty of time left…

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Inspiration: Cosy restrooms

For the renovation of our restroom (see article Restroom library) I was collecting a bunch of inspiring reference projects. The aim was to find ingredients that can provide a certain cosiness to such a small, functional space. In short: what makes a bathroom / washroom an inviting and comfortable space?

Here are the possible components I found to create a cosy restroom…

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