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Before-After: Our library


My fiancé and I both love to read – and to collect books. Lots of books instantly make us feel at home. That is why we wanted to give our rising amount of books a worthy place in the new house: A library right between the living space and our dining area.

To choose the right location was done in a seconde. But finding the right bookshelves was another story… We were looking for something special, an eye-catching and wall-covering element, unique yet still affordable. Especially the latter was almost impossible to find. After two years of hiding our precious books in boxes, we decided to make the library a do-it-ourself project…

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Before-After: Our kitchen


We had always dreamed of an open kitchen and space enough for a long dining table to host all members of our dining club… Finally, due to our kitchen renovation, we could make this dream come true.

Our new table is 3,5 meters long and serves as home office and dining table in one.
It is made of an old cast-iron drawing table and four wooden planks (oak) that match perfectly with our kitchen worktop. The chairs around the table are (as you will definitly have noticed) two Eames DAW, combined with other second-hand wooden ones which we are planning to paint all white (if we will ever find time for this extra project).

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Before-After: Our living room


Before we will start with phase two of our home renovation, I thought it’s time to go through the huge amount of photos from phase one – our living area. Personally I love these posts with before-and-after shots, so I decided to create some of these myself. Hope you like it!

When we bought our apartment, everything was in a run down state. It had been a rented flat in the social housing sector for more than 70 years and became privately-owned in the year 2000. The former owners had chosen not to renovate all levels, but to hide away the remains of the past behind wallpapers, extra layers of tiles and other additional constructions – or sometimes even kept it in sight.

For us, without discussion, only a complete renovation was acceptable, but we hoped to be able to keep as many original details as possible. Unfortunately, the ceiling of our living area turned out to be too heavy for the original substructure made of straw. So we took this as a chance to replace the complete power supply as well,
re-plastered all walls and the new ceiling, inlaid a new wooden floor,…

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Instagram: March 2015

Flowery March… I did not know I had such a passion for flowers, before I collected my Instagram pictures from last month. Maybe it’s because last winter was extremely grey and rainy. I was longing so much for some sunny, colorful spring decoration…

  1. Sammy enjoying the first spring sun –
  2. Shadow and light tryout –
  3. Sunday breakfast –
  4. White gerbera on our kitchen table –
  5. My favorite colors: White, petrol and wood –
  6. First bread-baking experience –
  7. White tulips –
  8. Spring decoration –
  9. Down at the zoo.

Styling & Photography: Kat@home

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Instagram: February 2015


For me, February was quite an active month on Instagram. I tried to post at least one image per day and I almost made it. Here comes a small collection of the most liked ones – interior design ideas for the time when Christmas decoration has left…

Styling & Photography: Kat@home

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Interior: Geometrical kitchen decor


Today I said goodbye to my winter decoration. I really liked my masking tape snow crystals on the wall, but at the end of February I really wish for spring to come. To fill up the empty spots, I have been searching Pinterest for inspiration. As I had to promise my fiancée not to put any holes in the recently replastered walls, a new masking tape decoration seemed to be the best solution.

And there are so many inspiring examples – I had no idea that tape could be used in so many different ways! So today I started my redecoration with a very simple, geometrical and minimalist design for our kitchen wall. But this will definitely not be the last post about masking tape…

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Interior: Around the fireplace

decoration of living room with pictures, record player and flower vases

It’s a rainy Friday, my daughter just fell asleep and I finally get some time to finish this post which has been in concept mode for a while. I wanted to share these fotos of our living room with you to give some inspiration for decoration around the fireplace. Here in the Netherlands most of the older houses still have this cozy feature (we even have four of them spread over the house!). Most of the times they are not usable for their original function any more, but still serve as the perfect location for decorative elements.

In our case we decided to frame the fireplace with a black-and-white foto gallery. Initially only filled with historical pictures of our hometown, we are now thinking about a greater variety. We will probably keep the black-and-white base, but add some graphical prints. But first the original state…

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Interior: Bathroom decoration

bathroom decoration flower candle light black and white

What is your biggest luxury at home? Mine definitely is having a cleaning lady. Oh how I love this woman – and her husband, cause they come and clean together. Afterwards I always wander through the entire house to enjoy the fresh smell and clean appearance. But every time again, the make-over of the bathroom is the biggest transformation of all.

Although it is not my favourite room in the house (it still needs to get renovated) a clean bathroom motives me to start decorating. And that is what I did today…

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Instagram: Valentine’s Day 2015

valentine day 2015 candles heart love champagne breakfast tulips

Normally I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day – too commercial and focused on getting people spend a lot of money for their loved ones. But what I like about that date is the season (tulips are definitely available in February) and that it gives me one more reason to re-decorate the house…

Luckily this year Valentine’s Day was a Saturday, so our celebration included an extensive champagne breakfast with self-made muffins, fresh juice and strawberries, mmmh! And for the rest nothing expensive: A lot of time for each other, candles everywhere in the house and, of course, a big bunch of white tulips – my favourite ones 🙂

Styling & Photography: Kat@home