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DIY: Playpen cover


I guess I am not the only one with a baby and two cats. Don’t your pets sometimes drive you crazy? Especially when they occupy spaces that are supposed to stay hair-free for the little one, like his playpen or his bouncy seat. They know they are not supposed to go there which makes these places even more attractive.

Last Friday morning I had enough from cleaning the playpen once again and decided to prepare a more permanent solution to keep it cat hair-free. I took the sewing machine plus the simplest fabric I could find and started making my own playpen cover.

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Inspiration: Kids room #1

beautiful kids room collection sebra village

We just started planning the next big step in our house renovation: the attic. There will be two children’s rooms (for the moment one kids room and one guestroom), a second bathroom and a laundry room. And not to forget a lot of storage space! For we do not have a basement to store our christmas decoration, skis and other big items.
So right now I am collecting inspiring ideas for our daughter’s future room. What a choice! There are so many gorgeous decoration items and furniture for little children, it’s going to be very hard to make a final selection. Luckily there is plenty of time left…

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