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Inspiration: Black-and-white kitchen


Black-and-white interiors with Scandinavian style are still hot and trendy.
Personally, I am a big fan as well, although I never manage to keep my own apartment that “clean”. But when I look up references, black-and-white kitchen interiors instinctively catch my attention.

But why?  – I will try to answer that question by having a look at some gorgeous examples…

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Before-After: Our kitchen


We had always dreamed of an open kitchen and space enough for a long dining table to host all members of our dining club… Finally, due to our kitchen renovation, we could make this dream come true.

Our new table is 3,5 meters long and serves as home office and dining table in one.
It is made of an old cast-iron drawing table and four wooden planks (oak) that match perfectly with our kitchen worktop. The chairs around the table are (as you will definitly have noticed) two Eames DAW, combined with other second-hand wooden ones which we are planning to paint all white (if we will ever find time for this extra project).

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Interior: Geometrical kitchen decor


Today I said goodbye to my winter decoration. I really liked my masking tape snow crystals on the wall, but at the end of February I really wish for spring to come. To fill up the empty spots, I have been searching Pinterest for inspiration. As I had to promise my fiancée not to put any holes in the recently replastered walls, a new masking tape decoration seemed to be the best solution.

And there are so many inspiring examples – I had no idea that tape could be used in so many different ways! So today I started my redecoration with a very simple, geometrical and minimalist design for our kitchen wall. But this will definitely not be the last post about masking tape…

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