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Before-After: Our living room


Before we will start with phase two of our home renovation, I thought it’s time to go through the huge amount of photos from phase one – our living area. Personally I love these posts with before-and-after shots, so I decided to create some of these myself. Hope you like it!

When we bought our apartment, everything was in a run down state. It had been a rented flat in the social housing sector for more than 70 years and became privately-owned in the year 2000. The former owners had chosen not to renovate all levels, but to hide away the remains of the past behind wallpapers, extra layers of tiles and other additional constructions – or sometimes even kept it in sight.

For us, without discussion, only a complete renovation was acceptable, but we hoped to be able to keep as many original details as possible. Unfortunately, the ceiling of our living area turned out to be too heavy for the original substructure made of straw. So we took this as a chance to replace the complete power supply as well,
re-plastered all walls and the new ceiling, inlaid a new wooden floor,…

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Interior: Around the fireplace

decoration of living room with pictures, record player and flower vases

It’s a rainy Friday, my daughter just fell asleep and I finally get some time to finish this post which has been in concept mode for a while. I wanted to share these fotos of our living room with you to give some inspiration for decoration around the fireplace. Here in the Netherlands most of the older houses still have this cozy feature (we even have four of them spread over the house!). Most of the times they are not usable for their original function any more, but still serve as the perfect location for decorative elements.

In our case we decided to frame the fireplace with a black-and-white foto gallery. Initially only filled with historical pictures of our hometown, we are now thinking about a greater variety. We will probably keep the black-and-white base, but add some graphical prints. But first the original state…

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