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Inspiration: Painted stair runner


Before our little baby-girl was born, there were two things I wanted to be finished. Of course, number one was the baby’s room itself. But the second item was our staircase, leading from the front door to our living area, which urgently needed a makeover.
Although the stairs themselves were relatively new, they were never painted with a finishing layer which made them quite slippery. I already saw myself falling down the stairs with the baby in my arms… (Pregnancy probably made me I bit over-reacting as well :). So we decided to do something about it.

Our first idea was to get a carpet runner – which was far more expensive then we had ever expected. The second choice were these pre-fabricated wooden stairs you can buy in every do-it-yourself store and easily mount on top of the existing stairs. But for a staircase of about 30 steps even this would have blown our budget.
A bit disenchanted I searched the web for a cheaper alternative – an found the solution: a painted stair runner!

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